We have the most experienced  production crew spread across Nigeria for your film and documentary production services. as a mainstream media company, government agency or development organization looking to hire production crew to travel round and shoot your documentary, there are questions we would want you to answer while contacting us for your documentary production.

  1. What kind of documentary are you looking to produce
  2. What are you shooting for…TV broadcast, Premiere, Social media etc
  3. Location of the shoot…where will our production crew be visiting to shoot, most atimes, we charge differently depending on accessibility, distance and security risk. #documentary production in #Northeast Nigeria will be charged higher than same production in west or southeast Nigeria
  4. Duration of shoot and post production. this includes your already set deadline
  5. submission process, will it be through ftp,dropbox,wetransfer or through a hard drive
  6. Resolutions. will the production be full HD or 4k

Once we receive an email detailing these information, we will prepare a production invoice and your production will be kickstarted.

we have completed over 50 documentaries for both government and private sectors including UN agencies

For your documentary production enquiry,

email: info@georgeugwuja.com.ng

Call/WhatsApp: +2348038843041