Background: the main objective of this assignment is to produce a range of creative and descriptive photographs on various issues related to TOBACCO CONTROL. WHO FCTC in action, also communities and development policy achievement, including children if possible. The photos will be used in various communication material.

sample image

Scope and Duties: participants are expected to take a range of creative and descriptive photographs in digital format and in color related to the following (i) photos of urban/rural populations using tobacco products(cigarettes, waterpipes, cigars,) and also electronic cigarettes (for these photos we prefer not to be able to identify the faces of the tobacco users). we also accept photos of any form of tobacco advertising or evidence of tobacco promotion and sponsorship; photos of non smoking signage, promotional materials relating to smoking reduction and tobacco control campaign materials such as posters , etc. we accept photos of tobacco control enforcement in action including tobacco control campaigns involving volunteers and advocates; general photos of different population groups especially children and youth engaging in healthy behaviour not linked to tobacco use e.g sports, physical activity, culture etc. evidence of tobacco pollution and harm to environment e.g sports, physical activity, culture, etc. we accept photo evidence of tobacco pollution and harm to environment e.g cigarette butts on the street, cigarette packets as litter etc

Sample Image

RULES: (i). Photographer must make sure the individuals on the pictures give consent the use of and or quote related to their person, in photographs/quotes made by our end users. therefore every photography must be accompanied by a signed appearance release form. (ii) Photographer must deliver at least 30 high quality and publishable image per country along copies of the signed appearance release. (iii). Provide the end users unlimited usage rights for all photos.

This is a very huge opportunity for photographers and advocacy groups to get their voices heard.

Deadline : Dec 18, 2019

For participation: Email. Whatsapp: +2348038843041